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Polymer Latex additive for polymer modified mortar / concrete

Uses   Properties
To make excellent polymer modified repair mortar/concrete for distressed RCC structures, Industrial floor topping and as additive to cement grout.

  Significant improvement in adhesion, tensile & flexural strength, High resilience & Impact resistance, Air Curing / Moist Curing.

Anti-corrosive polymer latex for polymer modified mortar

Uses   Properties
As corrosion inhibiting polymer modified mortar/concrete in repairs & rehabilitation of concrete structures.

  Offers additional protection against chlorides. Effective even in presence of chlorides within the concrete. Improves mechanical strength properties.

EPCO®KP-350 + EPCO®HP-350
Epoxy repair mortar system

Uses   Properties
Repairs of dilapidated RCC structures, corrosion damaged structures, honeycombed zones of structural elements, impact resistant toppings.
  It is is a three-component system with non-shrink and high mechanical strength properties.

SBR based polymer latex additive

Uses   Properties
For repairs & rehabilitation of concrete structures, floorings etc. Excellent repair mortar / concrete.

  Improves mechanical strength properties, Air Curing / Moist Curing.

Two component high molecular weight non-re-emusifiable repair mortar / cement.

Uses   Properties
As additive to repair mortar / concrete for marine structures, dams, bridges and structural elements. Excellent performance in humid conditions. Recommended for marine, underwater & hydraulic structure repairs.

  Non re-emusifiable, improves mechanical strength properties.

Fast setting Epoxy for quick repairs

Uses   Properties
For pothole repairs or wherein traffic needs to be opened within a short period.

  Early high strength and mechanical properties. Non shrink and easy to use.

Prefilled Ready to Use Epoxy Mortar

Uses   Properties
Eliminates mixing of aggregates with resin & hardener. User friendly.

  Excellent mechanical strength properties.

Ready to use free flow micro-concrete

Uses   Properties
For structural repairs of RCC columns, beams, slabs, and for grouting of large pockets in machine base plates, cranes, transporter rails etc.
  Good early & final high strength. Non-shrink & free flow. No need for external aids like rodding and poking. Chloride free.

Micro-concrete concentrate

Uses   Properties
As an additive to prepare site based microconcrete.
  Good early & final high strength. Non-shrink & free flow. No need for external aids like rodding and poking. Chloride free.

Ready to use Non Shrink Epoxy Mortar for bedding and concrete repairs.

Uses   Properties
In concrete repairs, for anchoring and filling of bolt pockets, pothole repairs


Non-shrink free flow high strength microconcrete for underwater applications.

Uses   Properties
For filling cavities in underwater repairs & in tidal zones of bridges, concrete pilings etc.

  Free flow and anti-washout. Good early & final strengths. Controlled expansion.

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