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Concentrated Waterproofing compound

Uses   Properties
Waterproofing of terraces, brickbat coba, external and internal plasters, chajjas, watertanks. etc. In concreting of slabs, beams, piles.

  Integral Compound. Reduces permeability and acts as an excellent waterproofer. Render the concrete / mortar cohesive

Waterproof Coating

Uses   Properties
As waterproof barrier coating in sunken slabs, exposed terrace slabs prior to brickbat coba, Inside surface of watertanks.
  Food Grade. Withstands 5kg/cm2 as per IS-3085.

Waterproof Coating

Uses   Properties
For building exteriors, watertank exteriors, and for structures exposed to modest to severe weathering conditions.

  Excellent Waterproofing characteristics.

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