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High range water reducing superplasticizer

Uses   Properties
To achieve impermeable, honeycomb free, high quality concrete. Highly recommended for roof slabs, water tanks, basements, foundations, floorings, bridge decks, etc. And to achieve pumpable concrete.

  It modifies the properties of concrete such as workability, strength, permeability, cohesion, etc. Sulphonated Melamine formaldehyde based.

High range water reducing superplasticizer

Uses   Properties
To achieve flowing concrete and higher workability for waterproofing mortars and plasters.

  It is a modified plasticizer. Reduces w/c ratio & permeability.

Microsiliceous Mineral Admixture

Uses   Properties
Waterproofing of water tanks , terraces, basements, walls plasters and in all concrete structures.

  Siliceous admixture used as an essential component to concrete impart significant enhancement to the basic properties like impermeability of concrete in both fresh and hardened state.

Fibrous admixture for concrete and mortar

Uses   Properties
Guniting, Industrial Flooring, Cement mortar & plaster.
  It is a specially treated synthetic fiber additive compatible with all kinds of cement binders. Prevents cracking.

ACL 15
Chloride free accelerator for cement concrete / mortar.

Uses   Properties
In concrete road construction, manufacturing of concrete blocks, foundation concrete, areas where water table is high, marine structures.

  It is a chloride free accelerator for cement concrete / mortar.

Melamine based superplasticizer in powder form.

Uses   Properties
As additive to cementitious grouts, microconcrete, prepacked mortars, waterproofing compounds for plasticity, strength & waterproofing.

  Reduces permeability & w/c ratio. Enhances strength properties.

Plasticizer cum waterproofing admixture.

Uses   Properties
For waterproofing and workability of concrete and mortar.
  Reduces w/c ratio & permeability. Enhances slump retention.

Anti-washout grout admixture

Uses   Properties
Under water concreting in all types of concrete pumped or tremmied underwater where thixotropic properties are required. As an additive to cement grout for arresting water leakages.

  It is an Anti - washout admixture, which upon addition to the cement concrete, mortar and grout systems increases its viscosity and cohesive nature. Prevents bleeding & segregation.

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